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Autumn Dry

Tasting Notes

On the nose you are greeted with the distinct aroma of juniper softened by the sweet scent of pink grapefruit and a lingering hint of honey.

When sipped the distinct punchy juniper notes are first and are layered with citrus from the lemon myrtle, zesty kaffir lime and grapefruit.

This is quickly followed by a savoury warmth (not heat) to the palate from the cardamom, pepper berry & native sage.

The Angelica, orris root and liquorice provide an earthy balanced undertone but it is that gorgeous grapefruit and honey that lingers on the palate and leaves you with the feeling and colours of autumn.


Summer Spritz

Tasting Notes

Beginning with our hallmark gin distilled in a copper pot still, we have gradually and meticulously blended a new distinctive ingredient to bring about out summer release.

The gins 13 original botanicals, including myrtles, sage and rare sugar bag honey are enlivened by the addition of fresh sauvignon blanc grapes from our friends from Tamburlaine Organic Winery.

Clean citrus characters of lemon and lime are emphasised by the grapes’ acidity, followed by grassy herbal notes of native sage and a sweet floral finish of honey and passionfruit.

Enveloped with floral notes & zesty citrus, this gin is perfectly suited to a cool summer spritz paired with good sparkling wine, fresh summer fruit and a warm summer day.


Sweet Spring

Tasting Notes

Inspired by the classic pairing of gin and vermouth, we have crafted a bespoke recipe by resting our hallmark gin within former sweet vermouth barrels, sourced from our friends at Margan Winery.

We patiently aged our thirteen signature botanicals, within the flavour enriched walls and over time, the history of subtle flavours impart their character into the gin.

Floral notes of cherry blossom, vanilla and musk are followed by a luxurious velvet palate of bittersweet cherry, spice and honey, with hints of citrus.

This Sweet Spring Gin will have you wanting to celebrate the change of season with flirty French martinis, classy cosmos or sexy Singapore slings. Our serving suggestion? A cocktail party.


Warm Winter

Tasting Notes

We leave our hallmark gin to mature within a former peated whisky barrel, sourced from our friends at Blackgate Distillery.

During the ageing process the gins’ 13 signature botanicals evolve as the flavour enriched walls impart both character and depth to the recipe.

With patience and palate we have crafted a rich, floral smoked gin with hints of candied citrus which is smooth and warm all the way to the finish.

This gin emboldened with smokey opulence makes for the perfect negroni or gin old fashioned… but we prefer it neat over ice by the fire, wit or without company.


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