Autumn Dry Gin:

The Salty Wife hits the spot for those that enjoy something a little less sweet with a little more sass… This margarita inspired gin cocktail is perfect on a warm Autumn afternoon.


45ml Farmers Wife Autumn Dry Gin
90ml StrangeLove Salted Grapefruit Soda
15ml fresh lime juice
Olsson’s Smoked Salt
Dehydrated lime to garnish


  1. Crush some smoked salt with muddler on a flat plate.
  2. Take a quarter lime and run along rim of your glass.
  3. Tip glass upside down into salt to coat.
  4. Shake Gin and lime juice with ice until chilled & strain into salt rimmed glass.
  5. Top with StrangeLove Salted Grapefruit & garnish with dehydrated lime.
  6. Enjoy!

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