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Gin Festival – Sydney

55+ distillers, 220 gins, masterclasses, gourmet foods, “Jump the Q” tickets and a special “Any Session” ticket for those unsure of the session they want to attend. Wow! Great idea!

Here’s to an exciting, new venue located in the centre of the metropolitan area where the gin lovers are being offered a festival not experienced here before.

We know that gin is the ‘IN” drink. There is no better and more economical way to try a number of new gins on the market than at this festival. Book in advance to make sure that you are IN. Meet and chat to the Australian distillers and understand what you are drinking. Join a masterclass for a small fee, run by the International Spirits Academy, and make the most of this great opportunity to live, love and learn at the same time.



For tickets and more information, CLICK HERE


Friday 15th November, 2024

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