Autumn Dry Gin

Tasting Notes

On the nose you are greeted with the distinct aroma of juniper softened by the sweet scent of pink grapefruit and a lingering hint of honey.

When sipped the distinct punchy juniper notes are first and are layered with citrus from the lemon myrtle, zesty kaffir lime and grapefruit.

This is quickly followed by a savoury warmth (not heat) to the palate from the cardamom, pepper berry & native sage.

The Angelica, orris root and liquorice provide an earthy balanced undertone but it is that gorgeous grapefruit and honey that lingers on the palate and leaves you with the feeling and colours of autumn.


The magic botanical that makes a gin, a gin. It’s fragrant and spicy with overtones of pine.


These berries add a beautiful peppery note to the nose and a warm spice on the palate.

Anise Myrtle

These leaves impart a subtle aniseed richness to the aroma and flavour of our gin.


This beautiful Australian shrub adds a citrus note with a soft creamy lemon character.


This gives base and length to our gin with a light earthy taste and subtle sweetness.


Coriander provides a lemony citrus note to our gin and works magically with the juniper.


Cardamom delivers a warm, slightly perfumed eucalypt flavour with a distinct spice on the nose.

Angelica Root

Angelica has an earthy, nutty flavour with a subtle piny edge and gives base to our gin.

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime leaves sit alongside the coriander, giving our gin a citrus element at the end.

Native Sage

Only a hint of this is used our gin – it provides a savoury spice on the nose and savoury warmth on the palate.

Sugar Bag Honey

Harvested by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years, this inscribes a unique sweet citrus flavour.

Pink Grapefruit

This fruit offers a citrus aroma and flavour distinct to the other citrus botanicals in the gin.

Orris Root

A beautiful earthy floral note and a very subtle woody sweetness which gives depth and texture.

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