Gin Chocolate Gift Pack



Our Farmers Wife Gin and Gin Chocolate gift pack delivered direct to your door.

Your pack will include:

  1. A 500ml or 700ml bottle of Autumn Dry Gin – select below
  2. 2 x 20g Autumn Dry Gin Chocolate Bars
  3. Farmers Wife Gift Cylinder

This beautifully handcrafted dark chocolate holds a Farmer’s Wife Gin surprise in every bite. Made exclusively for us with love by our local chocolatier King Street Confectionery.(Gluten, nut & dairy free)


The magic botanical that makes a gin, a gin. It’s fragrant and spicy with overtones of pine.


Harvested by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years, this inscribes a unique sweet citrus flavour.

Pink Grapefruit

This fruit offers a citrus aroma and flavour distinct to the other citrus botanicals in the gin.


Cardamom delivers a warm, slightly perfumed eucalypt flavour with a distinct spice on the nose.

Anise Myrtle

These leaves impart a subtle aniseed richness to the aroma and flavour of our gin.


Coriander provides a lemony citrus note to our gin and works magically with the juniper.

Native Sage

Only a hint of this is used our gin – it provides a savoury spice on the nose and savoury warmth on the palate.


These berries add a beautiful peppery note to the nose and a warm spice on the palate.

Orris Root

A beautiful earthy floral note and a very subtle woody sweetness which gives depth and texture.

Licorice Root

This gives base and length to our gin with a light earthy taste and subtle sweetness.

Lemon Myrtle

This beautiful Australian shrub adds a citrus notes with a soft creamy lemon character.

Keffir Lime

Kaffir lime leaves sit alongside the coriander, giving our gin a citrus element at the end.

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